Pay It
Che ne dite di partecipare ad un nuovo pay it forward?
le regole sono le solite...
-fare qualcosa per le prime 3 persone che commenteranno il post entro 365 giorni se queste persone lo pubblicheranno a loro volta sul loro blog e si impegneranno a fare altrettanto

the rules are…..

1) I will make some goodies for the first three people who would like to join in…… It will be a surprise and will arrive when you least expect it.
2) I will have 365 days to to do it in …………Where is the catch? to get a handmade present from me you have to play too! This means you pledge to send something to three readers of your blog. It does not have to be stitching or knitting just handmade,
3) You must have a blog. Once you receive your little something you must post about your Pay it forward on your blog to keep the fun going - be sure to use the Pay it forward badge.

So If you would like to play “Pay It Forward”….please make a comment

looking forward to hearing from you hugs

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